Just Saying, very touching portrayal of present day Ireland.

Since the time of the famine the subject of emigration has been one of the most prevailing topics in Irish poetry, song, book, film and theatre.

Just Saying‘ is a very touching portrayal of present day Ireland through the eyes of a twentysomething, the dilemma of whether to stay or to go is one that most of us will have to face at some time in our lives. The bitterness caused and sense of betrayal, is generally directed at the nation itself rather than successive administrations who failed its people. Amidst this so much of what’s good about  Ireland, its people culture and customs gets overlooked.

This is a beautifully written piece, by Dave Tynan a monologue which he had been working on for over a year, but didn’t have the funds to produce. Shot almost entirely over a single night in early December on late night deserted Dublin city streets. Narrated by Emmet Kirwan and edited almost perfectly by Michael Donnelly the entire project was done for less than 2K which was raised through Fundit.ie . This video has captured a mood almost perfectly, with the closing lines give you much to think about.

“There are 10 good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to, and I don’t know which is which anymore”

Just Saying

Starring Emmet Kirwan

Written and Directed by Dave Tynan
Produced by Kathryn Kennedy
Cinematography by JJ Rolfe
Score by Gareth Averill
Edited by Michael Donnelly


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9 replies

  1. just saw the story about ireland,and the 2k for production to do with staying or going well Governments are sometimes to blame for the dilema,s that people get in Ireland is no exception,economics is one of the failings,where Ireland is now stopped going up but going the other way like a lot of countries,it seems that agriculter still plays a big part in exports,not to mention the film industry.

  2. I can’t wait to watch this movie later. I left Ireland 6 months ago, and now live in Canada with my boyfriend. We moved because having just qualified as a plumber, my boyfriend couldn’t get work. We are both 23 years old and never had any desire to leave our beautiful Ballincollig. Having seen the final line of the movie, I have a feeling that I will be crying my eyes out. People talk about the opportunity we now have living here and how it’s a whole new beginning, but I would give any thing for us both to be back at home, surrounded by our family and friends and working in the Country that we love. The second I get a chance to move home, I will be on the first flight out of here. I miss so much from home, our Country is amazing, and hopefully one day it will be great again,

    • Hi Laura, it’s tough being away I did it myself in the late 80’s. I’m sure your families would be glad to have you home too. One thing I can say about being away is, it will give you both an opportunity to gain new experiences something I believe stood to me on my return to Ireland. Thanks for your comments I know Just Saying will evoke many feelings with you both.

  3. I emigrgrated to England in ’94,disgusted at how hard it was for a pro musician to survive in his own country.Too many talented people are struggling with no support from the govt.I miss home so much and would love to be able to afford to live there but alas,it’s gotten worse since I left and I’m grateful for America ,where I live now,like a King.The Dream is real.The only mistake I made in emigrating is I didn’t leave sooner.

    • I feel your pain Terry, I left Ireland in 89 for Australia, loved the country still do, but as a people I could not relate to them. As Emmett says in the video sometimes were are too hard on ourselves sometime not hard enough. I miss the Ozzie weather, and have traveled and worked in many places, but as a people I feel we are still one of the friendliest nations around. There was enough money in Ireland over the last 15 years to build a better Ireland for all, but greed and poor administration has knocked that back another generation. I have struggled not because there is no work in my area of interest, but cronyism, corruption, greed, lack of proper regulation and people who I though were friends prepared to say Stop has meant I hardly worked for 3 years for the profiteering of a small select group. As a nation we still believe in a wink and a nod, but the last few years has really brought it home to all that its got to stop. I going to stick it out this time, and hope as a nation of people we will stop blaming the country, there is nothing wrong with it – but we we need to pay more attention to who we elect to govern it, until then its groundhog day. Thanks for visiting my blog and the best of luck to you, hopefully you can one day return.

  4. Brilliant masterpiece of a movie! honestly! I hope you get an award! XX

  5. Shows how out of touch our Film Board is when a cheap short film about emigration gets so much attention.

    • Hi Fiachra, Just Saying was more than just emigration, and is this level of project something IFB should be involved in? The main production companies decide what gets made in Ireland not the IFB, but you know that already?

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